decrease belly fat female

how to lose belly fat female

There are a couple of things you can do to decrease your fat levels. from reducing your stress levels to reducing sugary/ trans fat food. Belly fat can be a dangerous sign of improvement of diabetes type 2 and a higher risk chance of heart diseases. Everybody handles increased fat levels different some people have a higher fat percentage on the legs and buttcheeks. So don’t be discouraged if some people who eat more fat still looks pretty thin. Think about yourself and how you can improve yourself.

Follow a diet

follow a high protein diet, protein is an important nutrien for weight control. If you eat more protein your body will release the fullness hormone PPY this decreases your appetite and your stomach will feel full. Protein is also used by your body to help you retain muscle mass.

Good sources of protein are fish, eggs, whey protein or beans.

Reduce stress levels

If you have stress your body will produce cortisol also known as the stress hormone. Some researches have shown that higher patients with higher cortisol levels will have an increased appetite and more chance in belly fat storage.

Woman with large waists has more chances to produce more cortisol in response to stress. and more cortisol is equal to more fat storage around the belly. So how can you decrease your stress levels? Well, you should do yoga or meditation.

Don’t eat sugery food

excessive sugar is linked to more fat storage in your body. It’s important to reduce your sugar levels if you want to reduce your belly fat.

So it’s best to limit your candy intake and processed foods.

Lift weights

If you lift weights with enough resistance your body will gain more muscle mass. If you combine aerobic exercise with strength training you will see a higher decrease of visceral fat. This can be a great strategy to decrease belly fat. Even females can lift weights don’t be afraid that you will look manly and muscular in most cases females that lift weights will look better and more femine than ever!

Don’t drink sugary drinks

Sugar is very uhealthy when you drink a lot of added suger your liver will be overloaded with fructose and will turn this into fat and this can result into more belly fat. Liquid sugar can be worse than food because your brain will not register this as solid calories so you will still be hungry even if you drink enough calories.

You need to make a decision to minimize the amount of suger into your diet and replace them with water. If you trully want to be healthy then you need to start reading labels to check what you are putting inside your body.


Exercise! Especially aerobic exercise like running and swimming this way your body is forced to use fat storage as energy. Exercise can also lead to reduced inflammation and lower blood sugar levels so what are you waiting for? Your body will benefit a lot from this.


Alcohol can be healthful or harmful for your body. When consumed in moderate amounts especially if you drink red wine it can lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

High alcohol intake can increase your chance to liver desease and other health problems. Alcohol suppresses fat burning that’s why most beer drinkers have an beer belly.