How to improve your self esteem
How to improve your self esteem

How to improve your self esteem

Sometimes it can all feel down and bad it can be something you experienced as a child in a form of physical abuse or mental. It could also be something why you are insecure about like your body. Maybe you are too thin or too fat in your own perception maybe some people are telling you to do to do something you don’t like. Negative events can also be the main influence to negative thoughts about your self-esteem like your parents divorcing but sickness can also be something to impact your self-esteem like cancer. This decreased form of self-esteem is because you mostly feel that you don’t have control over your life and the actions that occur.

People with low self-esteem tend to see this world as a hostile place and themselves as the victim. They mostly feel powerless over their lives and to be able to change things. This all lowers their self esteem even more!

low self esteem what to do about it ?

Exercise often

Go out walk outside do some jogging this helps to give yourself more time to think about yourself and who are you. This also improves your body and hopelly your self esteem aswell .

Talk to others

Talk to your trust ones about your lack of self-esteem to get a boost. You can figure it out with your family/ trust ones what is going on and why you have a lack of self-esteem.

Get enough sleep

So this is a basic one get enough sleep with lack of sleep you think differently less productive less motivated and lesser low self-esteem.

Try do to some activities

try to do something that you love to do. It could be sport, gaming or outside activities.

Reduce your stress

Reduce your stress and make sure that it will disappear.
This is most often happens at work and if this the case start to look at how you can decrease this. For example, if your work is being a programmer talk to your supervisor about it and see what you both can do in order to make your life easier.

how to be confident

  1. accept yourself!

Some people get less self-esteem when they are not liked by certain people.
And the most important thing is to accept yourself as the sexy human being you are!

My example and how i overcame it

So in my earlier years, I always have been struggling with low self-esteem. When I was 14 years old I got robbed of my bicycle and I didn’t have any friends. I also saw all my friends have girlfriends and I didn’t have any girlfriend. So there must be something wrong with me?

Well of course not! after about a year of low self-esteem i thought okay i need to change something i went to the gym i started to work on several websites worked on my dreams of having a big company nice wife and children. I wanted it all and it was there for the taking i went from bieng an introvert to an extrovert.