How to be a more patient person
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How to be a more patient person

majority of all the people are inpatient can’t even wait in line for groceries. Businesses exploit the impatientness of people to make money. Sometimes you can also be impatient to results maybe you are working on a letter and you want to finish it now you can’t wait and you want to be over it. This can also be an obstacle to your success so how can you be a more patient person?

Be aware of why you are inpatient

What are the things that make you inpatient is it because you don’t want to wait for restult on your success ? Are you inpatient because you don’t want to wait untill you recieve that body you want. Figure out why you are impartient and more important on what?


Sometimes it’s worth to just relax take a big deep breath and think about something completely different. After you have calmed your mind your body will follow and you will be in a state of calmness. After you have done that look back at your subject and figure out not why is it taking so long but figure out why aren’t you able to relax is this so important? Just relax and then plan it out.

Let yourself wait

Play the waiting game.. Wait for the subway wait for a friend wait for something and start thinking in yourself what you want to do in your life what can be improved? Should i visit my parent? Take a puzzle, play game and just wait. This way you are pprogramming your mind to just wait and relax.