date at home tips

Let’s say the weather is horrible and you have a great date that is waiting for you to turn on her or his world. But how!? The weather is so bad that your perfect planning is ruined! Well don’t worry guys we can do something amazing at home. We can do something very romantic and still enjoy our date so without talking too much about this let’s dive in.


You can choose an dancing style of your choosing and well dance with your date. This way you are pshysical and romantic. You are touching your date wich makes the whole thing more conftible.

Give each other a massage

You can also give each other an amazing massage. don’t be afraid of doing it with a little bit of strength if you are not using enough strength. But also don’t give it too much strength or else it will be painful. So it has to be in between.

Cook for your date

Show your cooking skills at your at home date. This way you can show her or him that you care for them. You can also ask your date what he or she likes before you cook something. This way you prevent disappointment.

Watch a movie together

Netflix?! Anyone? Watching a movie can be a great date however. You are not working on your connection with your date. You are mostly not talking to each other because you are are watching the movie and focusing on the movie instead of talking to each other

Draw each other

This is a nice one if you can draw decent. This way you can capture the beauty of your date.

Give each other a gift

If you know each other for a longer time then giving a gift can be a great idea.

Play video games

What about playing video games? Play mario kart for example don’t be too competitive! Or else you will ruin your date just make it a fun date. The most important thing you have to do on your date is to have fun with her or him. It’s also a great home date idea or you can play a game with co-op like way out on the ps4 or a more casual game like pinball. This way you are doing something together and communicating more than when you are watching a movie.

Make a painting together

So the main difference between this and drawing is that well you are using paint instead of pencils in order to paint your date.

Make a bucketlist

If you already have a relationship with your date why not make a bucket list on the things you want to do together. For example, you make a great bucket list on which countries you want to visit. You can make a top 10 list on which countries you want to visit with your date. This way you are more committed to a great future instead of a standard date.

My bucket list looks like this:
1. Visit Germany
2. Go to Las Vegas
3. Visit Peru