Ashwagandha effects

ashwagandha can be a incredible healty medicinal herb. One of the major benefits this herb has is it can help you manage stress. But it also helps you lowering your blood sugar levels and reducting of cortisol.

ashwagandha testosterone

Ashwagandha can have a powerfull effect on testerone levels. In a experiment of 75 infertile men the group was treated with ashwagandha and showed increased sperm count! This treatment also showed increased testerone levels.

Ashwagandha bad for woman?

Ashwagandha has aborofacient properties which can induce abortion in pregnant woman so you should avoid ashwagandha if you are pregnant.

Does ashwagandha work for anxiety ?

Researchers have reported that ashwagandha can block the stress pathway in the brains of rats by regulating chemical signaling in te nervous system.

In a study where 64 people participated 88% took ashwagandha and reported that they had a reduction in anxiety.